Hello--Good day mate! New haircut

 Hello everyone, first of all I got a new haircut hehe. My hair was getting way too messy:


~Playing with the camera for quite a while after I got my hair curl. It just fun curl though not permanent curl. The polaroid effects for my camera is pretty cool!!!!!
Secondly, I got my E.L.F haul which arrive in a hugeee box. I LOVE MAKEUP lolz!
Santa is coming to town!!! lalalal hahahaha

~My mom and I bought a haul. Will definitely do a review later!
~I'm so sorry for not blogging for such a long time. Life is so busy nowaday with college application, recommendation letters and friends drama. I'm no longer friend with a girl in my highschool. She was such a good friend during sophmore year and then she become such a B**tch. And she thought I was being a B**tch for not talking to her anymore. Oh god! I don't need this much drama. I'm seriously over high school and don't care anymore at this point. If you are good to me! I'm Good to you! If not oh well, it not like i'm going to see you again anyway.
~Did highschool life annoys you sometime?
~A.P calculus is so hard! Argg!
~I wish that life is not too busy like sophmore year. Those are the good days.
Enough about me! How about you?I miss you! Comment me baby! haha
~XOXO Charlotte


Lina Kim ♥ said...

hi, glad to see u back <33 I think u're getting prettier~

xixi said...

Wow, so cute :D! Like a doll :D

Sara Shoemaker said...

thanks for your comment! cuteee haircut. I definintely love it.yay for makeup!

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Stevia said...

Argh.. I hate calculus as well