Thank you everyone for following me ^^. I finally have a 100 followers as of now. It seems like time flew by again. Here something for you, my lovely readers ^^:

I definitely try to do something more to celebrate this occasion =D
 ~Anyway, here is my face update with my Nikky and my little cousin, Stephen ^^

 ~The moon festival is on Monday!!!!! Do you guys celebrate it at all?Mom bought so much moon cakes but this is my favorite:

Yum Yum!

 Here is me after school! (All of these are school outfits)

It's hot and then cold! So many people are sick in my school. scary!!!!!
On the other hand I got some clothing haul

 ~And my favorite haul is this:

Isn't it adorable with all the beadings?^^

~I'm so super busy nowaday! With parties, school works, afterschool activities, A.C.T, college apply! I want to scream haha.
~I fail my a.p calc and physics last time. Sad T_T. I have such horrible teachers this year! It sucks!!!!!!
~I hope everyone else is having fun with their school year though! Thank you for the sweet comment last time on my post. Love ya!
~XOXO Charlotte


LaPetiteIchigo said...

congratulation to your 100 followers ^^ ♥
you bought such a lovely things, my fav are that shirts, shorts and sandals ^^ esp. that sandals, they are super pretty ♥

once again, congrats ^^, you really deserve it ^^

wish you beautiful day ^^

xixi said...

Congratz! ^^

Love your haul, especially the mustard skirt and the sandals <33