***Senior Pictures***

Hello everyone ^^
Sorry for the super late update. School started and it sucks so bad from all the A.P classes this year that I don't have any time to blog T_T. But I love my blog and you guys so I will try my best hehe!
~This year I'm a senior and so I will be graduated in 2012. I hope the world doesn't end then or it will be suck to try so hard and then the world end before I graduated.lolz
Here some senior portrait I want to share with you guys:

~Me and sis.

~I think these pictures are okay! lolz. It was kind of awkward when the camera in your face for too long.
~Hmm. Senior year! I thought this year would be so awesome. Yeah that was wrong! Let see...the teachers suck, my friends' attitude change with all the boys drama and even my guy friends are weird. Oh well! one more year and I could get out of this hell lolz.

~What make me really happy is that I received a letter from my pen pal in Sierre Leon. My school started this pen pal program since I was in 10th grade. It's awesome to hear stories half the world away. John is super nice and send me a beautiful scarf in return for my friendship bracelet that I make for him.

~Another thing that make me happy! I got a new wallet from nine west which is purple (I always wanted a purple wallet hehe)

~My tired face afterschool. Oh school! I hate you! lalalalalla

~Well peace out peeps. Tell me how your life!

~XOXO Charlotte


Pu3 said...

Wowo O+O You look so pretty!! I love it :D And im so jealous that you have a penpal, people nowadays prefer using the easiest communication tool, but you wont treasure them as much as a handwritten letter

Angie said...

you look lovely in your senior photos! so natural and pretty :) hope school gets easier! i'm graduating this year too but from college. senior year is the BEST time! love it every day :)

angie of pandaphilia fashion

Ken said...

u look very pretty in those photos!

Danii said...

cute blog :) Wow you've already started school? Where are you from? I still have a week left and I know I have AP chem and bio first thing :(
So you won't be alone in your suffering! haha

just Jennifer :3 said...

wow gorgeous pics! you look like a model ;D