~Hello lovely bloggers,
Sorry about my lack of blogging nowaday. Last week have been a very terrible week so I rather not talk about it. I have a major headache as I'm writting this but who care?I will try to make this as fun as possible ^^
~Hmm let see what I have for breakfast? Bread and Pate

You: *look closer* URGG! it said Pork liver
Me: Yeah lolz, however it tasted really good
You: uh huh
~My family love French cuisine. What about you?
~I've been really bore with my clothes lately. So I dig through my closet and find some pieces. Do you guys do this when you broke and can't go shopping?lolz

~You know how Hollister have that HUGE sale 2 weeks ago? I got a shirt. This is great for school lolz. They also give me a 20% off discount next time. Why does the Hollister bag always include strange nudity in it?lolz =D


*Products review time*

1. Well you know it's summer and well it's time to show some skin so ahem these are great for the ladies. I got these wax strips called NAD'S and basically they are readily made strip with wax in it. I was skeptical to buy this at first since the Wax Strips from Sally Hansen weren't that great. But I give it a try and I LOVE IT ^^

~The box include desentizing Kava Wipes (that clean the spot before you waz), the soothing and finishing wipes and the wax strips itself. I love this because unlike microwave wax they are WAY less messy ^^. The strips work extremely well too.


2. DHC samples

Yes, DHC finally give me some samples after I bought so many products from them lolz. I love their two new products that I tried which include the DHC mild touch cleansing oil and the eye bright gel.

~This is their eye wrinkle stick sample that they give to me. Doesn't it remind you of a mini bullet?XD.

*products are reviewed by me. I am not sponsoring by DHC*


~Baby, I'm going to break break break your heart♪



~Well recently a lot of blogger have went to the anime convention and blogged about their experiences. This is not a part of the convention, however, I want to discuss my outlook on the topic of cosplaying. It have been a long time since I was a fanatic in manga and anime (you know?like falling in love/obsessive for an anime character?). But I love cosplay since I first found out about it. In my perspective, it's like a form of art that is more radiant and creative than theatrically.

~I have been stalking people doing cosplay for vocaloid characters. My fav is Kaito and Miku and here some pictures I found that were amazing.

~And of course the wonderful chobit

~They are amazing eh? *pictures are not owned by me in anyway*.
~If I can cosplay I would love to be Yuki Cross in Vampire Knight. I love how she was portraited as a young and strong hero. Her outfit is just to die for.

~What about you?Who would you prefer to cosplay as?

~I hope everyone will have a wonderful week. I love you guys! ^^

~XOXO Charlotte

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