~Hello lovely blogger,
Last weekend we take a trip to Rocky National Park. It was so high up that all of us feel like could fly. Haha! However, we decide to not look down when we in the car or else we might really be fallen. It was a very beautiful trip and so I like to share some of my pictures with you guys ^^

~Nikky and I

~There are more but I'm too lazy to upload all of it lolz. It was so cold and snowing up the mountain and yet once we go back to the city it was super duper hot. I wish I could camp up there lolz.

~Here what I brought home: An elk mug lolz (mom said it look like a beer mug)



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Normal life update

~Well I just got a haircut (I got layers again for my hair) Yay!

~Thinking of signing up for my driver license test next week. Please wish me luck =D

~Just bought this cooler fan on amazon for my labtop because lately my labtop have been overheated.

~It's fairly quiet and it light up to a cool blue so I'm loving it lolz

~And so I hope you guys still enjoying your summer and tell me your life update too. Luv u all!



LaPetiteIchigo said...

wow, photos looks awesome *.* looks like lot of fun there ^^
and you look so cute on photo ^^

Shen said...

Wao, looks fun, great pictures! And good luck for your drivers license!

Anonymous said...

the mountain looks amazing! you also look very cute there! your music scared me there :P

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Good luck on your driving test! I'm currently doing my DriversEd online, so I hope I can pass the written test! Do you know if it's hard? ^^

The photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a wonderful time! I really want to visit more national parks because they're just so lovely. :3

Mia said...

Hey Charlotte!
How are you?! I'm not sure if you already took your driving test, but hope you passed! Or pass if you haven't taken it!

★33★ said...

I never appreciated national parks.. but now I really wish to go explore!

That bubble song has been playing everywhere!

cominica said...

hello! nice parks and scenery! looks so refreshing there :D

btw I've followed you,hope you can follow back ^-^


aMz88 said...

wow i love to go to the mountains >.<
btw ur last pic u look pretty ;)
pls visit my blog :D i love new friends

Kati カティ said...

ohh looks like you had a fun!!You looks so cute ^^