❤ Wedding day!❤ 6.30.11

~Hello everyone ^^. On June 30th my sister and her fiance finally sign the marriage certificate (yay! after 6 years of dating). They won't have the reception now due to limited time but they have it around june next year (I will be bride maid of honor) haha! Here some photos

1. Saying their vows in court

2. Got the certificate

3. family photo

Then it was time for a small party

~The bride have to cook (poor sister)

~Me and sis. She cheated by wearing super high heels lolz

~dun dun dun dun!!! The wedding rings (love it)

~Cookie looking up at the steak lolz

~Sis then went to honeymoon with her hubby to Florida. They got me this cute alligator as a souvenir.

~This remind me of my past souvenir which was a Michigan bear when they went without taking me along lolz

~My sister is now living with her hubby John. I'm so sad that she is moving away forever but at least she's very happy and much in love. I hope they have the best years together.

~Happy Wedding Day! Sis & John

~Upcoming: Boating trip event

~XOXO Charlotte

~P.S. Sorry I didn't have much pictures. I was the photographer for the wedding ceremony (these are just draft pictures that I didn't edit yet). Anyway, I didn't have much time to take pictures for myself. I hope that you guys will soon find the one you are meant to be with.


Squeeze the Pug said...

Dear KawaiiParadise,

Sorry for the extremely late reply. I was meant to get back to your message earlier but havent had the chance. Congratulations to your sister on her recent nuptial. It is nice to know that you are aspiring to become a dermatologist. Just wondering if there is any particular reason why you chose this specialty.

Anyways, I am currently updating the spread sheet for the coming Chanel Giveaway contest. Good luck!

Stay in touch.

Squeeze The Pug X

Lina Kim ♥ said...

grats to your sis ^^ the wedding things are so sweet! I hope to get married too! hahaha, maybe 2 or 3 yrs later =p

Squeeze the Pug said...

Thanks for replying. Interesting thought. As to your question; I am a pathologist.

Ken said...

congratulations to your sister!

мoɴιcα-αι said...

congrats to your sister! they look so happy :D

That's Ron said...

congrats ti ur sis

Anonymous said...

congrats to your sister!!