Nail Polish and those pretty dandelions

Hello everyone, so I was saying in my last post that I will take a picture of those pretty dandelions around my house right?So here it's. Does it remind you of summer for those who still live in cold weather? I hope you enjoyed these ^^

~The lightning was really good today. Consider that it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

~I was painting my toe nails in the process. Nothing too fancy just a clear coat of my fav nail polish. I love this and well O.P.I but who doesn't?^^

~A friend decide to chip in and help. Here me with my oversize shirt and in my most nature state XD. The bugs was killing me though.

~Hope summer will come soon to everyone. Love you all for your sweet supports ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


Ken said...

u and your dogs are cute!

Therese Jane said...

I love the shot of the dandelion with the cement. ^_^

And I use Opti-Free Replenish contact solution - I hope that helps!

LexiTokyo said...

You are so cute dear! :)
It's 90 degrees where I am too. >.<

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Pretty dandelions! and cute doggies.
It does remind me of summer...
its getting cold here down under... =.=

Lyren said...

OMG I love the dogs <3 Love the pictures too ^^

&. nostalgia said...

Happy belated Birthday!
I hope you had a day full of joy XD

the dogie is so cute<33
it's almost winter here in Aus. i miss summer already =(

minsu said...

Oh dandelions, they're so pretty <3
Here is Spring..or Summer...dunno XD I just hate Winter

^^ You look really pretty!