The summer road trip!

ello everyone, just like every summer. My family and my bff Nikky decided to pack up and traveled to some place new. Whether if it's michigan, california, florida, vietnam or some tiny island way up north we alway wanted to get the best out of our summer vacation. This year we decided to make a trip to South Dakota and well visited everything that have there. John, my sister fiance, agreed to drive the 9 hours drive where neither me, nikky or my sister have to fill in since it's a short drive compared to other^^. So during this memorial weekend we hop on the car and drove all the way to South Dakota without a second thought. Here are the pictures:

~My meal! Yum

~We rented one room in a hotel with two beds to save the expenses. Nikky and I shared a bed and my sister+John shared the other. Sorry, it was late so the lightning was bad. We watched Bridezilla. Lolz

~The view outside our window. We was on the second floor. The hotel was extremely nice however I have trouble sleeping at night for some reason.


~The next day we visited Mt.Rushmore. I have never been there but watched enough of it on TV. However, it was amazing how BIG it was >_<.

~The guy who made it.

~Also at mt.rushmore, You will have the opportunities to donate to veterans. We donated and get a pretty flower which I make into a ring ^^

~Here are the pictures on the trail to see Mt.Rushmore. It was quite chilly there!

~Here is a picture in the museum on one of the trail. Nikky and I posed in front of a fireplace XD

~Then there the gift shop. It's so sad to know that I'm not that much taller than the Welcome bear XD.


~We stop by Keystone to get lunch and John found an awesome sign to participated in.

~The new face on Mt.Rushmore XD


~After that we went to Crazy Horse Memorial

~I wanted to try this headdress so bad. XD

~The awesome ti bi and boat. ^^

~My sister posing next to crazy horse statue in the memorial. In the background, you can see the unfinished "real" Crazy Horse statue. The comparison was that it's the biggest in the world once it's finished. Also, the 4 presidents faces on Mt.Rushmore only fit the head of Crazy Horse.

~Here are the souvenirs


~The drive back to our state was a lot longer than I thought. Nikky and I in the back seat decided to draw little elephants on our hand and filmed it. Sound stupid but it help us through boredom ^^

~We also play cards and distracted our driver but that another long story. XD

~So today I got my AP European History review booklet. It was required for AP Euro next year. Look at it make me want to puke so I decide to put it aside and look at it later. Tomorrow, I will started on the pile of homeworks that been given to us over the summer.

~Hope you guy like it. Tell me about your summer vacation trips too ^^. I'll be taking a lot of swimming classes and yoga class this summer. Lolz.

~Once again, thank you for your sweet supports. Luv you all

~XOXO Charlotte.


**~Pu-3~** said...

WAAAA YOU GET TO SEE THE INFAMOUS MOUNTAINNN :P So jealous of you! U wish i could see the real thing T_T u must have enjoyed your trip with ur family :) glad to know that. Post more of your summer holidays event! :)

This summer~... uhh im not sure whats ahead really hehehe :D just keep visitng my blog n u'll see.

LexiTokyo said...

I've always wanted to see Mount Rushmore!
I bet it was amazing to see in person. =P
Cute elephants lol.

and you're welcome for the comments! i like your blog. :)
Follow me?

Therese Jane said...

That's such a cool family tradition! I'm jealous.

The guy from my blog is U-Kiss' Kiseop (the newest member). He's cute, right?

LexiTokyo said...

Ahw thank you! =)
I hope we can be good friends too. :D

☆Monica-Ai☆ said...

that's so great that you and your friend can travel on a whim like that! I can never do that because my friends are always busy -_-

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Sorry for the late reply~~ m(_ _)m Well I scared to online lately XDXD Lol!

OMG!!! It seemed that you enjoyed your trip ne o(^-^)o

From Rabbito ♥ ☆ラビトのブログ☆