Summer! Let's do something ^^

Hello my lovely readers ^^. I'm sorry for not updating lately, i've been stressed out with trainning for swimming <----if that make any sense. I twisted my ankle and got cramp and so I didn't feel that great to see other people get out of the pool before me =_=. I'm pretty competitive I guess. I hate being the last one to finish T_T. Anyway, beside that. You GUY MAKE MY DAY!!! ^^. HERE SOMETHING FOR ALL OF YOU!


~I just got in the mail some korean Herbal facial mask + half bath diet. I will review the half bath diet later. I've never tried it before XD

~Something mommy brought home from work. Lolz, it's so cute and yummy XD

~My breakfast, Japanese style Udon. Yum!

~So I woke up this morning at 10 o'clock and Walle makes me laugh when I saw him sleep next to me (he can jump on my bed). Here are some pictures I managed to took before he woke up XD. So cute!


~My friend, Ken is having a giveaway. Click on the banner or here to enter his giveaway. He's so sweet and talented ^^. Please reffered my name : Charlotte from Dream of Dolls when you enter his giveaway ^^.

~Samantha also have a great giveaway as well. I love her blog and you should enter this great giveaway for false eyelashes ^^. Enter here
~That's it for now, thank you for reading. I love you guy so much!
~XOXO Charlotte.


Dolce♥Bunny said...

congrats 50 followers!!
Doggies is so cute, I just want to squeeeze him ><

Anonymous said...

I've said it many times.. CUTE dog!

Therese Jane said...

Thanks for the compliment on the hair. I think my appreciation for my bangs is growing :]

Sarah said...

I don't know why but none of your text is showing up on my computer :(
But that doesn't stop your dog from being ADORABLE. Congrats on 50 followers!!

Tere said...

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Good photos!!
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