Geum Jan Di *Boys Over Flower* makeup tutorial ^^

Hello everyone, today is tutorial time like I told you in the last post XP. This tutorial is inspired by Geum Jan Di in boys over flower. She have that really cute innocent look that I love ^^

Here all the products I used. You will need:

~Liquid foundation/bbcream



~Liquid Eyeliner

~Light beigh color eyeshadow

~Rosy blush


~Brow colors


~Red/pink lip tint or lip stick


~Jumbo eyecolor stick

~ Various brushes.

Step 1: Gather your best concealor. Here I'm using benefit and mac concealors, cover your flaws. Also I use bb cream on top to create a dewy base.

~blend it out with a foundation brush.

STEP 2: Gather your powder. I'm using Mac mineralize powder in NC30

~Use powder brush to blend it out evenly through your face in a CIRCULAR motion.

STEP 3: Use a rosy color blush. I'm using Clinique blush.

~With an angled blush fill in the blush to the direction of the arrow. Do not use too much or it won't be very natural.

Step 4: Define your brows by fill it in. I'm using a black eyeshadow and fill in my eyebrow using an eyeliner brush. ^^(saving money here XP)

Step 5: Pick out a light reflecting eyeshadow. I'm using Revlon mineralize eyeshadow with the shade with the check mark. Cover your whole eyelid with it ^^

Step 6: Use a jumbo eyeshadow pencil and line your lower lash line. I'm using Nyx jumbo pencil in yogurt.

~Draw your eyeliner with the liquid eyeliner. It last longer. I'm using Nyx Tip liner.

~Finishing eye product. You may use mascarra define your eye more. ^^

Step 7: With your best chapstick. Smooth out your lip with it. I'm using Nivea chapstick. (the best ever)

Step 8: Use a red lip tint or lipstick. I'm using tony moly lip tint in Red Apple.


~I'm sorry if it wasn't that great. It's my first makeup tutorial so I still trying out with the lightning and stuff ^^". Hope this tutorial help some ^^.
~I am not sponser by any of the makeup brand I used above. I paid for all of it ^^

~XOXO Charlotte. Love you all for your lovely supports.


Ken said...

awww adorable~! i didn't watch that show~ there are already too many remakes!

yes, u send a stamped envelope inside~!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

cute tutorial!
Love it!

Sarah said...

Aw that show is so cute, although I've only watched a few episodes. Nice tutorial!

**~Pu-3~** said...

A successful makeup tutorial!! :D Amazing! You look just like the Korean actress!! So pretttyyy

Veren Lee said...

nice make up! :)

.a little princess.

Jesa said...


lovely blog, truly!!

Cheers, Jesa

daidai bel said...

Wow u really had the look nice tutorial wonder if u can upload it on video hehe anyway i just gave u a award check it out on my blog

☆Monica-Ai☆ said...

i love your make-up :) it's so simple and pure hehe

and i love boys over flowers! she's so adorable :)

Frances said...

i like it :) totally rocks the "less is more" rule lol. it's been a while since I've worn makeup without bottom eyeliner... maybe I'll give it a try ^^

btw I just tagged you~! *tags* ^__^

Anonymous said...

that's a cute, natural look! great tutorial :D

AnnaYJia said...

omg you looks so cute and innocent ~~~

JoeyAnna said...

aww u look cute! nice tutorial :)
simple and cute hehe

Yumeko♡ said...

Great tutorial! :3
And you look so pretty and cute! ^^
The red lip tint makes really good results, :D
I'm going to try it!~


RinMomo said...

waah I luv this^^ I want to buy those tony moly mini lip tint too