When the little dandelions fall!

Hello my lovely readers, I'm so sorry for not updating for a week now. Last week wasn't a very good week for me. Here are the highlights of last week:

1. Quit my job at Dairy Queen because the manager was being harsh and I can't seem to communicate with her at all. She want me to work from 5 o'clock PM to 1 o'clock AM. My parent didn't think it was a very safe idea so I quit.
2. Lost my real diamond earring when I go swimming
3. Forced to hang out with some family members I really dislike
4. And...try to save a lost dog in the middle of the highway (road) but failed to run after him so he end up got run over by a car.

~As you have know, the hardest one for me was the dog's loss. He was a collie and while we driving out to home depot to get some soil for our garden, we saw him in the middle of a really high speed road and so we try to stop all the other cars on the upcoming road and try to catch him but i failed to run fast enough and so he went head first into a car and with the high speed and the bad vision from the rain, he died almost instantly. When I make my way to the other side of the road, hoping to see him with little injures but instead I saw him with his cold body there, stiff and his eyes wide open. I cried for the first time in public that day, with the cops and everyone around me. Slowly, with my shaken hands I took off his collar to give to the cops but he didn't have the name, the poor dogs was from an animal shelter. I rarely cursed or bit my nail but I did both at the same time on that one afternoon when I found out that the truck driver who hit him was going at full speed at the dog and doesn't even stop even when he realized that he hit the collie.
~I realized then that the dog deserved better . I cried so much that my eyes still puffy now and I still see his wide eyes in my nightmare. I hope that he went to heaven safely with a cheerful after life waiting for him.

~I'm sorry for the dishearted piece.....
~ However, I want to update some pictures to let you guys know I wasn't death yet so here it's:

~Yeah, I curled my hair again. I look much older with curled hair eh?

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~Okay that's it for now. Thank you for listening to my story everyone. All the comments on my last post are just plain sweet. Once again I LOVE YOU GUYs!
~XOXO Charlotte


Therese Jane said...

Dear, I can't read anything bc the font is white and your background is also white. D:

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor doggie. At least you tried to save him though.

projectvee said...

sounds like you had a tough week :S

Angie said...

oh no you poor thing :( ! what an awful week you've been having. that only means that by murphy's law, the next one will get much better

sorry to hear about that dog too. animals being hurt is always heartbreaking. i'm sure i would have fallen into deep depression if i were in your shoes.

Therese Jane said...

I can read everything now in blue! ^^ Except for the comments but that's alright.

Soooooo many giveaways, it's insane.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

that's just aweful... Well, don't worry, after all this, you'll have an awesom time!! and yes, you look matured when you have curled hair. Love it ^^

**~Pu-3~** said...

Thats really sad :( it must be really hard to see a living thing died infront of you....... Some people are just so horrible.

Asian Aficionado said...

Awwh that's so sad! :( I cry when animals die too, it's ok :) Just gotta think positive and you know you did all you could. That's a lot more than most people would have done. :) You seem like a great person!

Frances said...

:'( I'm so sorry about the dog... that is so sad. but you know it's not your fault right? and I'm sorry that you had to go through this... and I hope you feel better soon :(

and to reply your question...
Nope I didn't buy anything! I just told them I'm interested in the product and would like to try it out first... so the lady helped me match colors to give me the right shade. However you prob have to ask for the jar cuz they usually only give you samples. (Macy gives out samples too but I don't think they offer the jar so that's why I like Nordstrom better ^^) and I went to the Nordstrom at Flatiron (: