Summer Essential Needs part 1 & 2nd blog award

Hello everyone, thank you once again for the sweet comment last time on my previous post. This week didn't go any better but at least I try to make it better T_T. Anyway, it have been a while since I do any useful post so here it's. This is part one of my summer Essential needs post. It's focused only on face. The next post will be focused on hair. ^^. This post mostly for recommended products to used on your face during the summer. I have used all these products before however it might have different effects on someone else because we all have different skin type ^^.

My skin:
Type: Oily/Acne Prone. Combination around cheek

1. Face sunscreen.

~I used the shiseido sunscreen. This sunscreen is the ONLY sunscreen that is not oily or sticky enough for my face. It did not gives me any pimples like all the other brand did. I always applied sunscreen at the beginning of everyday so when I go out I don't forget and not have it on. The sun basically will damaged your skin cell and make your acne scar darkened. So yes SUN is very scary for your skin. Remember: to reapply everytime you go out of the pool or when you sweat excessively.
2. Mask
~I use masks during the summer often (every two week or so) to deep clean my pore and replenish my skin. Since my skin is especially bad during the summer. Two type of masks I recommended are (masque sauna) and DHC mineral mask (more on the expensive side).

3. Exfoliate EVERY TWO WEEKS ^^!!!!!! Take all those dead skin out ^^.
4. Oil absorbing Sheets

~It's summer and we sweat a lot right?What happened when we sweat?Our pore got clogged and bam acne come up. To prevent your face from become way too oily, I recommended you to use an oil absorbing sheets when you go out. My fav is Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets which doesn't smudge makeup as much ^^.

. Face Wash

~The most important routine during a hot summer day is to wash your face. GET ALL THE OIL and dirt out of your poor skin. I washed my face at least 2 or 3 times a day which prevent new acne from popping up. My fav is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear face wash <----this could be quite drying during the winter however very great for the summer
6. Acne gel

~Even though of all those routine I did up there, I still get some pimples now and then during the summer >_<. However, it got a lot better when I started using Neutrogena rapid clear acne gel. I've been using it for two years now and my skin improved a lot ^^. I put this on before I go to bed ^^.
7. Moisturizer

~I know what you think. Moisturizer during the summer? O_O? Yes, moisturize your face because if you don't your skin will become super flaky and cakey Ew! However, I use a very light and natural product as my moisturizer (other give me pimples) It's the Aloe Vera Gel which not only great as a moisturizer but also to treat sun burn and fade acne scar ^^. I LOVE THIS!
Tips for acne prone skin:
~Always pull your hair away from your face before you go to sleep (you sweat when you sleep and your hair just make all those sweat go to your face)
~Wear sunscreen 24/7
~Do not use heavy foundations for it will clogged your pores more T_T.
That's it for now. Check out my shop here for some products listed above ^^. I am not sponsor by any of the company above. I paid for all of it ^^
~Also did a trade with a soompier earlier this week. Here some smashbox samples I got ^^

~Foundation primer
~Eye Brightener
~Ogloss lip gloss
~DNA mascara
~Tinted moisturizer
~Can't wait to tried it out. I'll do a review later ^^

~Also received my mixstyle earphone. I loved it ^^

2nd blog award!!!
~Thank you to pimbolinda for giving me this Sweet Friend award. I love you ^^. Check out her blog here:

The Rules:
~Post about who giving you this award ^^
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10 things I love:
1. My blog
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8. My friends
9. Ulzzang
10. My shop
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~That was hard, everyone is so sweet to me so I have trouble picking which one ^^. However, I pick new winners from my first award so I could spread the love around. Thank you everyone for reading and comment on my blog ^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


Therese Jane said...

Is the Shisheido sunscreen just a sunscreen and not a moisturizer? :O

Thanks for the award! I like getting awards it's just so hard to pick more winners... because I just want to give one to everyone. XD

Sarah said...

This post is awesome! I can't wait for your post on hair since I can basically feel the sun drying out my hair :(
Also, what do you use for exfoliation? Just wondering.

Angie said...

aww thank you so much sweetie! yaaa it's very important to take good care of your skin. unfortunately i've not done so for the past 20 years x___x i'm going to look so old in like 5 years D:

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Thank you for the blog award! You're too kind ^^
I use the same face wash, even the winter! But i just put more moisture for my wash than usual :)

Ken said...

thank u for the award sweety pie!

Libby said...

Aww thanks so much! I really hope you're feeling better now. ^_^ And people don't believe me when I say I use moisturizer in the summer either! Hehe weird...

Ken said...

i saw miss pac man walking around today

she was hot =]

Slowbrogal said...

Thanks for the award dear..:)
It's so sad my country do not have the neutrogena products you using.

May @ Rad said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'll get around to do a post about it when I get back from my project. Thank you again! ^^

**~Pu-3~** said...

Thank you for the tips ^^ and.. cute earphones!