O.P.I and the swimming class

Hello gals and guys,
~Thank you once again on the sweet comments on my last post ^^. Well, this post is just for update in my life basically lolz. However, I'll tried to make it interested as much as possible ^^.
~I just ordered some SAT review book, AP biology review book and this one:
~Here is an example of my handwritting:
~Very childish huh?I want to make it cursive (I used to write in cursive but I don't know when I start to write in print). Well, it's summer so I guess it's a good skill to learn ^^.
~Today I have an ortho appointment then go straight to mommy's work and wait for her. She told me to dress professionally, lolz. Here something I put together. (forgot to turn off flash sorry T_T)

~O.P.I nail polish in pooltime lime. A color that I only wear during the summer XD.

~Aside from some of her crazy styles on T.V. I actually love Lady Gaga singing and bow hairstyle/nails. I think I might do the bow nails soon. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you I LOVE BOWS XD

~Bought some new stationary to write to my bff in Vietnam. I missed her so much T_T

~Hmm, if you are my old fellow followers, you will noticed how bad this summer is for me. No matter what I do, it just turned out to be opposite of what I hoped and that just make events worsen. This time, I signed up for the July swimming class (since I suck at the June session one). Guess who teaching me????? A GUY WHO WENT TO MY SCHOOL!!!! O_O. The class was super crowded compare to the June classes and OMG!!!! they're all have different type of swimming level. For example, one who doesn't know how to swim at all, one who swim but suck at it and want to improve (me here!) and one who super good but want to swim faster (sister!). Anyhow, he totally ignore me and run around to teach the other (what a waste of money for an instructor =_=). I should just ask a buddy next time RAWR!!!.
~Sorry about that! I just need to rant so bad. I don't rant with other people (since no one listen lolz) so instead I write a rant.
~Anyhow, for those excellent swimmers out there, can you tutor me so I can swim better? lolz XD
~Luv u,
~XOXO Charlotte


Therese Jane said...

Love the outfit you wore!

And if you figure out how to do the bow nails (via 3D art) please share your wealth of knowledge and do a blog post about it! ^^

† мonica-аi † said...

That's so awkward to have someone you know teaching you new things like that. >< I learned how to swim by drowning LOL yeah...scary day.
Btw, your handwriting is really cute! You should see mine...very ugly. -_-

Angie said...

Haha I'm a terrible swimmer too. I'm so slowww in the water. That must have been awkward :/

Lady Gaga's nails are so cute! :D My handwriting is awful since high school because I have to write so fast while taking notes. It's all right. Prevents people from copying off me xD

Vincent said...

You got nice handwriting. :)

Slowbrogal said...

I like ur skirt!!

Libby said...

Cute outfit~ Haha I'm sooo bad at swimming (maybe because I can only hold my breath for like 8 seconds hehe :p I think your handwriting's cute! Believe me, you don't wanna see mine! >_<

박진아 said...

ooh~ I like the pencil skirt :))
omgg sat's are the worst!! I'm so glad hs is done for :)
and thats funny, I used to write in cursive too, but at a point, i realized I was writing back in print again.. lmao, weird!

† мonica-аi † said...

Hope things get better and less awkward for your swimming lessons >< Yeah, my cousin pushed me in the pool and I panicked. I ended up learning how to swim from panicking though haha weird...