Hair dye Review

Hello everyone, so in my last post I promised that I'll post up a hair dye review. So here it's:^^

Original Hair profile:
Color: Dark brown
Condition: 5 or 6 split ends, a bit rough when straightened but shiny^^
Shampoo/conditioner: Pantene 2 in 1 conditioner+extra conditioner called Pantene frizzy to smooth.
Extra Care: On the weekend I like to use this PANTENE PRO V INTENSIVE RESTOREMENT TREATMENT.
Improvement: my hair is a bit flat so I want it to have more depth and more volumn

The hair dye I'll be reviewing today is called CLAIROL PERFECT 10 IN MEDIUM ASH BROWN. Price ranges around $10

~Here is the color turn out without flash and with flash.

~Let just said the picture without flash is a bit mistaken since my hair turn out to be BROWN RED AUBURN COLOR O_O. I was freaking out after I'm done taking a shower, I think my mom might not mix the bottle well when she dye my hair since it's like really red on top and then light brown on the bottom. (OH GOD I WAS TERRIFY). No offense for people with red hair but I don't think red look good on me at all *it look good on someone else though ^^*.So after hearing me complain about it all day my mom decide to get me another hair dye and I told her to buy me THE BLACKEST color possible and she did.

~SO THE NEXT ONE IS CLAIROL PERFECT TEN IN BLACK. Yeah same brand just different color. But here is my current hair color ^^

~My auntie got me an Eddie Bauer shirt. I usually don't like this brand since it have my enemy name on it (bauer) but other than that it's because the brand cost too much for my pocket. But she bought me a baby doll shirt. Which COST $65(still with tag). I'm like OMG O_O, I didn't want to accepted it but she keep urging me so I decided to accept it. The shirt said the buttons are made with real shell but still it's hecka normal for a $65 shirt. (sorry i'm pretty cheap here).

~But I like it, it formed a very feminine sense and it have been forever since I wear a baby doll shirt ^^. Do you ever buy any stuff that you think the price is way too ridiculous but buy it anyway?
~On my last post a lot of people asked me if I will consider going out with the guy who asked me out last friday. To be honest, I don't think so, since I didn't like the fact that he thinks his reputation is too important for him for anything (a preppy/jock kid). I don't know I like guy that is manly BUT sweet, not manly and tough all the time. I doubt he will do anything for me when we go out that I considered as a sweet thing. I must said ignorance type like him who live in his own little world is not my type. I like someone who care and take relationship seriously (lolz sound old here).
~Do you guy have any relationship that you consider quite sweet or romantic?do tell ^^.
~Love you XOXO.
XOXO Charlotte ^^


jenniferleeyt said...

I was looking for a good hair dye for my type of hair which is similar to yours. Thanks for posting this.
I just started following you! You should check my blog out and perhaps follow as well :)

☆Monica-Ai☆ said...

That hair dye is pretty good! I can never find a good dye in America :(

btw, thanks for the comment and follow! I hope you don't mind if I follow you back :D

jenniferleeyt said...

I have two things to tell you. I just dyed my hair with the same EXACT color are the one above,
and also
I am a newbie too and I'm really not sure where the follow button is... I think it's on the very top...? it says follow.

Ken said...

thank u =]