Mall and life update

Dear readers, I'm so sorry for not updating lately just tests and veryyyy busy since it's almost the end of the school year T_T. Well last saturday, I have a sleepover with nikky again we went to the mall on saturday and haha try on new stuffs I guess XD. The bunny hat is in Claire. Sorry for the strange coloring, it was phone images

Nikky bought a Hello Kitty Lollipop I guess and we just goofing around ^w^ . THIS IS NIKKY PICTURES WHILE HOLDING THE HELLO KITTY LOLLIPOP XD

~zombie hello kitty >O<. When we went to the mall we also met some a boy who asked me out last friday. It was very awkward last friday when he ask me out. Here how it went:

Him:(lean over) What are you doing this weekend?

Me: (lean away) Uh....I don't know,why?

Him: (keep leaning forward) You want to go out sometime?

Me: Uh.....This is sudden

Him: Well what ARE you doing this weekend?

Me: Going shopping, but why do you want to know so badly anyway?Are you a stalker?

Him: (laugh)..... *sigh*(murmuring something)

~Then I met him on that saturday with his brother. He sure gave me a nasty grin. And today he like "hey in the mall, thanks for saying hi to me"(sarcastic). Me"But I didn't" <<--dumbstruck. Man! I will forever be single if this keep going. I suck when it come to dealing with relationship and yet my friend love to come to me.

~But anyway, I went to the mall and got a waist bell AND MY 16 birthday dress. Excited!! Yeah i'm not 16 yet till may 23. WEE!!!!I share my dress later for you *wink*. But do go to Deb+4rever+payless. They have a bunch of $5-$10 sale ^^

~I also have some hair dye horror to tell but that would be for next post since I have to go to sleep now. Well nighty night and thanks for all you new followers out there. I will keep updating good reviews later. ^^, thanks for comment on my last post guy, i check all of your blogs out and comments too ^^. Keep introducing your blog to me eh?

~XOXO Charlotte

p.s. Nikky gave me a french nail manicure. Pretty eh?


Ken said...

haha how cute
did u consider him asking you out on a date?

Therese Jane said...

Ahahahahah. Don't worry about your awkwardness when it comes to getting asked out - it happens to everyone.

At least he asked you upfront and didn't beat around the bush for days on end (that's the worse).

And excited for pics of the dress!!! ^^

LexiTokyo said...

Ahw, that does seem pretty awkward haha =P
She did a good job on your nails! ;)

An Tran said...

hey, not sure if i commented on ur blog already? i think its cute, u must be excited for ur bday =)
check out my blog sometime!^^

Frances said...

*gasp* omg what did u do to hello kitty!!!! ROFL. zombie hello kitty... LMAO!!

cute nails =)and I love the skirt u're wearing in the first pic.

You consider going out on a date with that guy? X-) well unless he's weird or creepy... lol!

&. nostalgia said...

aww.. that seems so cute ( but random o_O) hehe

i really like your nails ^~^.
i want to get mine done some time soon XD