Concealors and se7en

Hey hey my dear bloggers, ^^
~How are you all? I missed you so much T_T. Are you guys in school yet? For me 2 more weeks then it's the end of freedom T_T.

~What I look like right now. In case you forgot. lolz jk jk. Sorry if it look like I wear really red lipstick. It's actually just chapstick, the lightning in my house is really weird lately >_<

~My lunch. Saving money by frying eggs and eat at home. ^^

~It's my dear Cookie birthday. Lalala! Happy b day honey ^^. (He got a summer haircut). He's a 3 years old cutie now ^^

~Now back to Concealor. Here are my 3 fav one ^^

~Mac Studio Sculpts Concelor in NC20
~Benefit Boiing eye bright in 02
~Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener.

Here are the swatches:

~Benefit have this purple/pink tone that once you applied on your dark circle it will replenish it and then you put on the beigh concealor.

~Mac Studio Sculpt is really thick. I don't use this as a concealor that often unless I have really bad blemish. But it covers very well.

~Smashbox is super light. This is currently my fav for under eye dark circle. The texture is liquid like, doesn't feel super heavy+conceal well ^^. I will purchase the full size once I'm finish with this sample. ^^

~Guess what? I just bought a full size mirror in my room. The other one of my full outfit pictures are taken from my sister room. Yay! Sorry for awkward pose T_T

~Se7en just release his new album that include songs like Better together and Digital bounce. Very techno like (turn up your volume because it's playing on my blog) ^^. He's so so so handsome XD.

Eek >_<. lolz he reminds me of Barbie Ken doll Asian version.

~he's also the first star that make me fall in love with kpop. lolz

What's your fav kpop artist?^^

~That's it for now. Thank you for reading my blog. OOh yeah one more thing. It have been one week since I use the REVIVA LABS Brown spot treatment. My skin is somewhat start to lighten up but not dramatically so I will update next time with pictures. I applied it at night and then on the morning you can see the peels come off from your face. I believe that it peel off your dead skin (the brown spot) ^^. However, I recommended using lotion on those area and sunscreen because your skin will feel quite dry. As for the sunscreen you don't want to make those dark spots darker right?^^.

~XOXO Charlotte


Angie said...

aww cute fotd : ) i like the chapstick tint effect. i use such cheapo concealers compared to you hahaha i should invest in something nice like clinique

Oreleona said...

se73n!! gasp! gotta go check that album out!!!

Libby said...

Cute FOTD :) And your dog is adorable! I've never owned concealers like those, I'm jealous >_< Se7en! You're right about the Ken doll thing. So yummy ;)

Yumeko♡ said...

Cute Fodt!!:D
I wanna try the Smashbox concealer. ^-^
SE7EN!! He's the BEST!! :D<33
I should check this album!! (:

**~Pu-3~** said...

I wish I can have a full size mirror in my room too :P And owh, i dont have any kpop artist i like lol~ ok.. maybe i do like bigbang XD Just because of their japanese song

Pop Champagne said...

hehe I eat like that at home too! And I would like to try the concealer by smashbox :D hope you enjoy your last 2 weeks of vacation before going back to school!!

eli_7 said...
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eli_7 said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Awww you're dog is so cute ...cant wait till I get a dog (not any time soon though..Im still a student ><)
I <3 se7en

sorry I can't follow you atm ..silly computers not letting me but Ill come back :)

Sarah said...

Oooh he's soooo handsome! My favorite Kpop artist is Taeyang *drools* Happy birthday to your cute little doggie too! Normally I don't wear make up all over my face because I'm afraid it will look too cakey. I just put it around my nose, under my eyes, and on trouble spots.

Angie said...

hehe good luck on PSAT! i remember i drank cold orange juice that morning and got upset stomach during exam T__T you will do so great!

Anonymous said...

you look so cute in the first pic :)

Ahh i used to be a huge fan of Se7en but im not digging his new material >_< i like his rnB stuff more :/

RinFeiFei said...

what lippie u used in upper pic? the peach looks so nice