HOLA!!!! School days outfits and california gifts?

Hello everyone, so school started for me on monday T_T(i'm in 11th grade, a junior). Such a sad life i got!!!! Anyway, here are some outfits I pick out (I'm so sorry for the dirty mirror) my mom spill something on it without CLEANING IT UP!!!(it kind of light so i didn't notice it until it got on camera). lolz

~Yup, that's it. Let me know what you think?I didn't pick out shoes or accessories to go with it yet! bummer!
~I changed my mind at the last minute about the backpack (i'm not a big backpack person) so I purchased a tote bag ^^. I still use my backpack during the winter (where it snow heavily) oh boy!

1st Day of School situations that I hate
Situation 1:
Me (yawning), sitting at a study hall area
Stranger: Hello there, my name is........ You look lonely!
Me (resumed to reading)
Stranger: So what your name?
Stranger: Really??? Want to be bff?
Ok.. maybe they didn't ask me to be bff. But i hate anyone who bother me when I tried to study in the study area lolz.
Situation 2:
Me (waves to old friends): Hey, sup?
Friend: Nothing much. How your summer?
Before I could answer
Friend: My summer was awesome. I did....blah blah blah.....
Me: (keep nodding)
Situation 3:
Me (still sleepy from waking up too early)
New teacher: Charlotte, would you mind tell me what you learn from A.P. Spanish from last year?
Me: uh.... (list out a few things)
New teacher: Great! can you translated this paragraph for us?
Me (slam head on the wall)
Situation 4: (last but not least)
New teacher: Charlotte, would you please stand up in front of the class and tell us about your summer?
Me: I went swimming, surfing the internet, visit old friends, south dakota and camping?
The rest of the class (picking their nose, yawning, stare as if you're an alien)
New teacher: Did you said you went camping?where?when?with who?
Me: URGGG! (do teachers really care? or they just ask because they have to?)
~Haha, what your worse conversation on the first day?

~Got some nail polish at F21. I like the color so I decided to show it to you guy. It's in peach!

Some of my family members (aunty) went to California last week. They bought some souveniers home for moi =D.

1. XOXO pink purse

2. Avon lotion and E.L.F handsanitizer? <--- I don't know why so don't ask. Family big on lotions

3. A lot of sweets ( I shared with some of my little cousin) Am I nice or what? lolz
~Well good luck everyone for those who go back to school ^^. Love you all!! I think I won't be blogging for quite a while (school, A.P, PSAT) but I won't ditch either so maybe one time every week?^^. Love you all.
~XOXO Charlotte


Angie said...

omggg so many cute outfits :) i really love #1 and #3 but i like all of them! hahaaha glad you like my shoes too :)

aww sounds like a poo time at school but you made me laugh with how boring and obnoxious your classmates/teachers sound. hope you do great on everything :D

Mary Lee said...

i realy really like the second the third outfit :)

Therese Jane said...

AP classes in sophmore year? Smarty :D

Love the outfits. I've always envied girls who use tote bags versus backpacks - I've always wanted to be one of them. Unfortunately, I'm too much of a wimp and can't handle that much strain on my back. :o(

Nic Nic said...

I love the shorts and white shirt combo!! very chic :D

Yumeko♡ said...

I love your outfits!:D especially the 3th.(:
& Your Peach Nail polish is so cute!!:D<3

Ouu i hate the 1. and 4. situations!D:
It happens so often!!<.< haha~

pikaboo said...

hehe!! Your outfits are really cute too!! hehe!!
Good luck in Junior year!!! it wasn't my best year because i was really lazy DX!!
And that is strange O A O! a stranger asking to be bff o.o.......

Hello said...

Nice!! I like out fit 3 the best :3 http://japan-kawaii12.blogspot.com/

Therese Jane said...

Actually in college right now. I'm not that old or smart to have already surpassed that stage in my life. ;]

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

@ yumeko: Thanks girl ^^. Yeah I know it happens like every year for those situation and I hated it a lot too. Hope I will escaped the "intro" this year lolz.
~XOXO Charlotte

Therese Jane said...

Studying to be a nurse (I know - filipino stereotype). What are you trying to get into?

Dolce♥Bunny said...

OMG I love your outfits! Especially the third you! You just look so cute! and love the convo! i totally know what you mean. everybody just cares of them selves more than others... silly ppl!

May @ Rad said...

You have so many cute outfits! I left all the good ones in UK so I've been boring-looking lately. LOL. I love the tote bag too. ^^

Pu3 said...

Owh some of the school situation that you listed.. i wonder why you don't like it?
I mean some girls would kill to be acknowledged like you do rather than being ignored ;) whether they are sincere or not.

Btw. I think all the outfits are adorable, I especially love the 3rd photo outfit :D

euzeenee said...

cute outfits! I also really like peach and nude color nail polishes~ (in general actually) ^^
i lol-ed at situation 3 haha

Ken said...

really cute outfits! i liked #2-4 =]

have fun in school!