Back to school and rohto

Hey guys and gals,
~One more week and then it's all over. I'm sad T_T. Yup, I'm talking about back to school thing. Anyway, I went to target and walmart to shop for school supplies. Office Depot is kind of far from my house so too lazy to drive all the way there (lolz, see how excited I am?).

~ Here is the haul:

~There are actually more, I feel like an elementary kid again XD.

~The infamous new backpack. I refers big tote bag or just an oversize bag instead of backpack but mommy want me to wear backpack instead. She was all excited over this one. lolz.
~What do you guys think?

~Time in school meaning wearing my contact lense for over 6 hours. I stocked up on new eyedrop for contact lense such as BLINK and for coolness/redness I use Rohto.

~At night, I use this eye oil thing. It's a film of oil and you put in on the inside of your eyelid (it get super blurry) then on the morning voila -->Your eyes are no longer dry.


Giveaway post

~Borniilove is having a giveaway here.This giveaway is so adorable, include:

♥ MAC Hello Kitty limited edition pink lip gloss

♥ JILL STUART limited sweet bridal Double Ring Collection

♥ CANMAKE four shiny eyes eye shadow in pearl white, peach, pink and brown

♥ JILL STUART loose powder blusher in pink passion

~EEK >_<. I crossed my finger for this.lolz. It's international and closing on august 31st so hurry ^^
~Well that's all for now. Thank you everyone for reading my blog. I hope you guys have a great new school year.
<-------------- You guys can all have a nice cup of caramel cofee for waking up early again.
~XOXO Charlotte ^^


Anonymous said...

Like the backpack. :)

**~Pu-3~** said...

Someone is getting excited for school i see ^^ Sigh you make me miss the old days.

LexiTokyo said...

I start school on the 25th.
It's my senior year so I'm pretty excited too. ^^
The backpack is cool!

Lai Ying (Leanne) said...

wtf i left a message and it didnt work? :'(
well... the main point was: CAN I HAS YOUR BACKPACK PLS!??!
i'll buy you a tote bag :D

crayola <3

Anonymous said...

aww cute rucksack!! I used to love using mine when i was at school!!

cocoabee said...

ooo the backpack is cute! i don't start school again until september 7th! how come you guys have to start so early? o_o

† мonica-аi † said...

are you in high school or college? im so envious! i miss school...i sound so old -_-
and gotta love rohto! i use it at work all the time!