Finishing one week *million more to go*+ Missha ^^

Hello everyone,
~I am exhausted *cry*. First week is so hard, so much homework and drastic notes taking. Well I have a retired priest for my A.P. European History and guess what?He gives us a pop quiz of which I FAIL miserably. Oh god! failing on the first week gah O_O. *cry*. I hate pop quiz, I rather have a quiz where I can study before hand. Why mon?Why? Well there another quiz coming up next week so I was hoping that that quiz will somehow help *pray to buddha*. Yes! I'm budhhist lolz ^^. Here my face on friday!

~Sorry for the dark eye circle. It was so energy drainning and yes I look like that for a whole freaking week. T_T

~On the bright side, I received my package from soompi seller. A black motor jacket and one of those fringe holder so you can wear before applying makeup

~I thought the card she gives me was so cute. I think it's micky_<. It's Hero(from DBSK, thanks Therese for correcting me lolz.

~Also my order from
http://www.misshaus.com/. They're giving away free missha products samples and all you have to paid is $5.99 shipping. Which I didn't think was that bad ^^

~It was shipped super fast.
1. Super Aqua peeling Gel:
~One of my fav, take away dead skin cell ^^
2. M Deep Cleansing Oil:
~Erase away all your makeup. +1 but the smell is =(. Yeah!
3. M luminous color lipgloss with spf 10
~Lipgloss with spf ^^. YAy! give a very cute tinted pink look
4. Missha perfect cover bb cream No.23
~A bit light for NC 30 but excellent to use as a concealor ^^
5. Missha BB cream boomer
~BB cream primer. MY FAVE!!! It's like a moisturizer also and help my bbcream stay throughout the whole day without looking cakey. YAY!!!
Repurchase: Peeling Gel, BB Cream boomer ^^
*not sponser by missha*
~So remember to get your samples girls ^^
~I hope next week is a bit better since this week is blah T_T( I was stuck home doing homework ON THE WEEKEND) T_T.
~Everyone have a bf now. How sad and lonely my single life lolz!
~Well good luck everyone and thank you for reading my blog
~XOXO Charlotte


RinFeiFei said...

wow missha bb cream. will you review it later?

Libby said...

Don't worry, it'll definitely get better! ^^

Those samples look awesome! Review please?

euzeenee said...

ap euro is not fun but the history definitely is! haha i find it more intriguing than us history :P

and you ordered one! how is it for you? I'm not too sure about it.. I think I'll try out other brands :/

Therese Jane said...

Looking forward to the reviews.

.... And that's mos def Jaejoong/Hero from DBSK. LOL

Therese Jane said...

Not the biggest fan of DBSK but have enjoyed some of their music. (My number one played song on my ITunes is their song 'Why Did I Fall for You?' A gorgeous song that automatically makes me melancholic/sleepy.)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

make sure do a review soon~!! ^^

Angie said...

ooo i want to get my hands on some samples xD awww hope you have a better time at school! it's okay ap euro sucks a lot. i didn't bother taking that class but i took the exam and boy was it boring!

augustalolita said...

awe sorry about your quiz :( im sure you'll do great next time!! and i think your photos look great <3

Ken said...

childhood toys are great =]

Pu3 said...

Its normal to fail in a pop quiz :P i hated it also... especially history! i even failed after all the study lol!