Missha no.23 bb cream review

Hello everyone, here is the review of missha bb cream you have been asking for ^^. It's the Perfect Cover bb cream No.23

~Without flash
~With flash
Review status:
My skin: oily/combination
Skin color: NC 30
Oil control: 4/5 (pretty good but you still need to plot now and then)
Blending: It blend pretty well and provided a matte finish
Pros: Blend well, conceal pretty well, nice matte finish and have a great smell
Cons: Well for me I think it's a bit too thick and the color is too light for my skin. I recommended NC 25 and above.
~I used this as a concealor and it works so well ^^
~OOh!!! look!. lolz, I got an exfoliating glove for washing. This remove the dead skin when winter come around ^^

~Okies, so today I decide to give you my favorite photoshoot of Teen Vouge. It's called Dolce Vita. It have been out for a long time, I saved the pictures in my labtop and decided to pull it out at last and shared it to you guys ^^
~Beautiful pearl ^^

~My fav, they look so happy ^^

*These pictures does NOT belongs to me! It belongs to teen vouge copyrighted!*
~What you guys think?^^
~Yeah, I tend to rant lately but again I'm so piss off today. So apparently I got a 70% for my participation grade in my A.P. Euro. Thanks, father I feel the love (my teacher is a priest). It's strange because he never called on me when I raised my hand but when he does, he make sure that he ask me a question we never learn before =_=. So you want me to participate more?Okay, from next week I will raised my hand like crazy.
~I didn't dare telling this to my parent yet. As you all know that Asian parent is super strict and always consider everything is your fault!!!
~God bless us all!
~Okay that's it for now! Have a great day guys and I'll try my full force next week as well (time for black coffee). Bye ^^. Thanks for all the sweet lovely comments ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


augustalolita said...

i love the latest shoot from teen vogue!! i love the romantic feel to it and their outfits look great <3

Therese Jane said...

thanks for sharing the scans - i love couple shoots (or when models are posing as couples)

how can you get 70% participation? o noes...

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

I've been thinking about buying a new bb cream too....since last time I got a fake bbc aloe, darn*... before trying missha u're cling to what brand?

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Great bb cream review! That looks nice but I guess it will be too light for me.
Cute shots I'd say, I can tell why you would like them.
And... yay for Asian parents... :( They mean well but I hope they don't go too hard on you...

Anonymous said...

Nice review.. this bb cream didnt work for me at all... back in '08 lol but i'm glad it works for you!

Sarah said...

I love the scans from teen vogue, thanks for sharing! I don't even have a bb cream that I use normally and I'm on the search for one. Maybe I'll give this a try!

Ken said...

i like this song. have u seen this movie before?

u like photobooks of girls?!

Pu3 said...

Whoa participation grade? o_O I dont have such thing in back in school! Its normal to keep on complaining about school though

Angie said...

aww the one with the pigeons is so romantic! thanks for the scans :D ap euro sucks and it's okay! there's plenty of time to make up for participation grade. teachers tend to be harsher at the beginning of school year urgh. show him what you've got :D