○( ̄﹏ ̄")○Hmm! What could I said?○( ̄﹏ ̄")○

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for not updating for so long. The A.P. classes and the homework is just so unbelievable T_T. I actually not finished with the homework so thinking of cutting lunch short next week.

~Anyway, how have everyone been? ^^. I finally bought a new gladiator shoe:

~The design is pretty cute eh?

~Oxy clinical also send me their samples (after 6 weeks =_=). Will definitely do a review later ^^

~Went to the mall with mom the other day to receive our special facial massage for Shiseido. I received a bunch of samples lolz. Include their masscara, eye concealor and purness light skin care.

~I definitely will come back and buy the pureness shiseido moisturizer. It makes my skin look amazingly soft

~Have anyone ever heard of mario badescus. I believe they sell it in Ulta and stuffs. My ulta however did not carry their brand =_=. So I order online after watching many good reviews. I bought their papaya body lotion for $14 with shipping. You ask why I spend so much on lotion?lolz. When winter come in Colorado, my skin start developing Keratosis pilaris, a condition when your skin don't receive moisture and so it leave these small like acne thing that look gross but harmless =_=. This body lotion supposed to gently exfoliate skin and make it softer, especially made for this condition, hope this winter I don't have it again T_T.

~I pick out three deluxe samples that they given out whenever you bought their product. I picked the body wash, whitening mask and sugar and honey scrub. I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!!! so amazing lolz

~Also, I am now volunteering at the nearest animal shelter yay! it's maxfund. please visit maxfund.org and stop by sometime for the cute doggies and cats. They're so lonely nowaday T_T

~Talk about dogs, look at cookie! is he adorable or what? XD

~Okay that's it for now. How is everyone school life?comment like crazy because I miss you guys!!!!!
~I probably can't blog for another 2 or 3 weeks due to exams in A.P. classes. However, I will still be stalking around blogger XD
~Homecoming is next week, friends invited me but urrggg..idk this whole hw thing is really stressful.
~XOXO Charlotte
P.S. thanks for reading guys!


Angie said...

those shoes are so cute :) yay animal shelter! remember to keep well rested in all your busy bee work!

Pu3 said...

Helllooo ^^ I miss you! LOL, pretty gladiator shoes!
It must be hard to blog nowadays because of all the school works huh? All the best!

Owh and im so jealous, i wanna volunteer for animal shelter too! ToT But the animal shelter here is too far away~ and I dont have a car! >_< boohoo.

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

hii~~ where've u been? I've been missing you all this time^^ welcome back, and I love the dog, so cuuute!

Tam said...

yay gladiator shoes! I have always been curious about shiseido product. Cookie is so cute and awesome name too!