Kpop and new shoe

Hello there, so yesterday some of my guy friend preview my blog. They want me to do some tux for men for prom instead of only girl. To be honest, I think all tux look good. As long as it's black and white lolz. But here some hightlighted men of the day.

Jang geun suk, chace crawford and bi rain. Type of men who I thought was pretty good looking in tux. Oh who am I kidding!! ALL OF YOU WHO IS A GUY LOOK HOT IN A TUX!!! XD

~Kara is looking cute with their outfits *as usual*

~ Got new catalog from DHC. I like their skincare products but their foundation broke me out T_T. 2 new samples to come along, sunscreen and eye brightener.

~ Forever 21 shoe. Kawaii and cost $8 i believed ^^. I have to get a size 8 instead of size 7 because they were out but who care, they have strap and it's kind of like a flip flop. Super comfy and stylist ^^

~Going to the zoo thing on friday. So not excited since i'm stuck in a bossy group. Hope everything is alright. Once again, thank you for the sweet comments. Good day everyone ^^

~Charlotte XOXOXO


Ken said...

where is that kara photo from?!

octopusgirl said...

Cute blog, Charlotte!! (we have the same name :P)

Chase Crawford looks hot whatever he wears <3 But you're so right, something about guys in tuxes is irresistible. I always get a bit tempted by all the office guys in suits when I'm on the tube XD

Kelly_konomi said...


hot hot hot!! i mean... i will totally melt with one look from his eyes~! charming MAX! love it love it!

Lai Ying said...

bi is BUFF <3
i loveee bi. <33333
i love a man in a suit when its out of the blue ♥

i wanna go zoo!
but its £20 -__-

LexiTokyo said...

Those guys do look good in tuxes! ;DD
I can't wait for my prom. :)

Glam Girl said...

I love Chad's style..xoxo