Easter Review & New haircut

Hello everyone, hehe I'm so sorry for not updating yesterday like i'm promise I'll but hey only one day later ^^. Well for easter I got this:

~yeah i know, a lonely egg with a bunch of hershey underneath(which I use the wrapper to make little crane)? At first I was like "is our family going bankcrupt or something?" but don't you worry there's money in that tiny yellow egg there *weeee* XD. So happy!!!!and then i got this:

~Yup a remote control car from my sister's bf. My mom was like "great she plays barbie when she was little and now she play remote control car?" lolz, i love it though, it so noisy and my dogs chase it around in circle XD.

~Yup i got a haircut yesterday too, feel a lot lighter but my hairstylist cut it way too short T_T. Oh well I live with it. In the second pic you can see all the layers XD. *cover my face because i'm too hyper looking XD*

~lolz my dogs also get their haircut *cost us $100* O_O!!!OMG. They look like tootsie roll walking around now XD.
~In my school today we celebrate M.A.D Week or make a difference week. This year we try to donate as much as possible for the Dalit in India. I bought a t-shirt for support which cost 10 dollars and 2/3 of the money go to the organization. When my life got bad I think of these poor children living in poverty and such bad treatments that I'm thankful for what life I live in. What your story?
~Hmm, the job manager said she call me this week *please pray for me to get this job* ^^. Need money to pay for my car's insurance.
~okay well thank you for your sweet comments again. LOVE!!!
~XOXO Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Charlotte. Remote control cars never get old! (Y).

LexiTokyo said...

I like your hair. :)

Ken said...

very nice haircut! good job
super straight~!

박진아 said...

wah! shihtzus? I have one :))