Change your BB cream color & pictures update

Hello everyone, Happy friday once again. The day is so cold and gloomy here. A way of expressing the pity for humanity. As I walk toward the hallway, I keep asking myself why am I here?what is my purpose?but I could not find my train of thoughts to answer the question. Once again, I'm blending to this harsh environment, and I'm afraid that I will become bitter as well.

~I'm afraid of opening my eyes and saw your beautiful smile. The smile that captivate and pouding on me. Once again, I was unable to free myself from your ...touch.

Okay sorry for the emo lines, just something happaned today and remind me of the past so much + these new angles picture inspire me ^o^. I mean I never take any pictures with my eyes close intended before so this is the first. So how everyone doing?Happy friday?^o^

Okay, but first let me show you how to change your bb cream color. Recently I've bought a bb cream called Liole Beyond the solution .

Well to my surprise the bb cream is super thick, well covered so it's super hard to blend. On the other hand, It's extremely LIGHT in color. I wear NC30 for mac and this bbcream makes me look like a dead zombie. Oh man T_T!!!! Anyway, here how I changed the color.

Step 1. Get out your bb cream, a darker foundation shade (here I use my mom NC40), a plastic spoon, an empty container jar to store it in, something to mix with (not in picture but i use chopstick ^^)

Step 2: Put some 3/4 drops of bbcream in the spoon, then add 1/4 drop of darker shade (Your might varies but this match my skin quite well) do this on a small amount first to see your exact measurement in order to match your skin color.

Step 3: Blended the color with a chopstick (or anything, toothpick?). And see if it match your skin tone. Here the comparison for my shade.
~and tada you finish!!!See the difference?XD

~by the way, what do you think of my peacoat?^^

ooh, just got something awesome in the mail today. So stay tune I'll update it tomorrow ^^.

~Charlotte XOXOXO.


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

i am quite busy lately~~
so sorry for the late reply!!

thanks for the compliment!
woooah you do like cosmetics huh~~

lunamac said...

Great idea to mix some foundation with the BB cream.