Hello my readers, yes the horror I'll be getting my braces soon (next tuesday to be exact). Today, I'm getting my spacer or a rubber band to separate my teeth so that they can put in the braces next week: *below*

*Let just said I've been taking Advil for the pain and it's a bit numb now but I can't eat very well (chew with my front teeth like a rabbit lolz). Worst than that I find out I might be invited to steak this sunday. THE HORROR!!! WHY STEAK and WHY THIS WEEKEND??? *cry*

~Ayway, I actually don't mind getting braces that much since my teeth need to improve and I love Jeon Hyo Sung from SECRET smile. Such pretty teeth lolz ^O^. Does any of my reader ever wear braces?If so tell the the process/endurance please ^^.

~Well well, I have some new followers. Thank you and I'll try to make my blog more interested next time (now it's time to feel the numb lolz)

~XOXO Charlotte


Therese Jane said...

I had braces for about a year - it was definitely an experience I will never forget. You have to be really careful with what you eat and clean them somewhat diligently because if you don't you can get stains in the shape of the braces (gross, I know). Just be sure to drink sugary beverages through a straw and you'll be fine.

The pain.... oh, god, the pain. When you get them tightened... I've literally cried once or twice due to the pain. When your teeth are hurting that much, it's best to eat soft foods and soup.

But it's worth it! Beauty is pain (unfortunately enough). I'm sure you'll look even more fabulous after you get them done. ^^

Frances said...

You won't regret it :) I've worn braces before. Just make sure you wear the retainer!!!!!!!!!!! MUST persevere wearing retainer!!!! >_< I used to even bring toothbrush to school so I can brush my teeth after lunch and wear my retainer... so my teeth shape hasn't changed at all after years and years :)

Elisa Lee said...

I'm going to take braces too, but it was my own choice to do so. My dentist didn't even say that I needed one, because its quite straight on its own already. But i think its much prettier after it.

just think about the results ^^ ! xo.

Nicol said...

just think positively about the braces! i had braces for 3 years even though they told me i was suppose to have it for a year and a half ><

Anonymous said...

I never wore braces, but they look so painful >< Good luck, I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

P.S.: ahah sorry for commenting randomly out of nowhere, I just found out your blog and it's really nice ^^

hevn said...

I wore braces when I was younger. Hee hee. Never regretted it. I guess some people found them really uncomfy but for me, it never pose a problem for me, I still ate chicken drumstick and chewed bubble gums despite being advise not to. When the teeth was being tightened, it wasn't too bad.

But like Frances says, remember the retainers afterwards. The retainers made worlds of difference. I would know, I wore my top retainers and not my bottom and now my bottom teeth's a little crooked. XD

Good luck!

ps.: Cute blog :D