New update and auto show 2010

~ Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for not updating lately. Just a lot of test (that I think I fail T_T) and my friend relationship problems. Oh boy!!!T_T. For all my guy reader out here please give me some advice what kind of girl a guy consider a girlfriend type? (my friend keep asking me that lately lolz XD)

~Anyway, if you have been one of seventeen subscriber then you will notice that they give out an Areopostale shirt for free. Retail is $12 i think. Awesome!!! I just got a plain white one since I'm a black/white color person XD. Do go pick it up since it gone fast!!!!

~Then I stop by Forever 21 (my favorite shop ever) and got this striped cardigan ^^

~Last sunday, we also went to the Denver 2010 autoshow. So much beautiful car to drool over!!! O_O. Here is a picture of me and my sister (cover face because she didn't want me to show it). Yes I wear the white t-shirt i got above. I got it size medium so it's a bit loose but so comfy ^O^

~And here is some awesome cars for the guys^^

~The lincoln this year look so nice. It remind me of James Bond movie for some reason (or batman ^^)

~Lolz, I'm also testing out my cousin webcam. The color make me a bit wash out neh?

~My eyes have been dry lately from my contact lense so my eye doctor told me I have to wear glasses for a whole week to give more oxygen to my eyes. Oh god!!! I look like a nerd *example below*

~Hmm, not been a very good week. Lots of exam stress as it come down to the end of the year. My family have been fighting lately too and I need sleep so badly. It's okay through my reader because we will rise from this and push toward the finish line right?Well hope you guy have a great day^^.
~XOXO Charlotte


daidai bel said...

I like the cardigan u bought thanks for following my blog =)

Ian K said...

I am so jealous that you got this theme of yours working for your blog. I wanted to use but it wasn't working properly for me! >_______> gay.

Hahaha, anyways thanks a lot for following my blog! :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Thanx for commenting!
Love the cars! amazing ain't it?
Followed ya back ;)

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Kakaka thankies o(^-^)o
Woaaaah nice cars ne (o.o;;)

Sarah said...

Hey Charlotte ^^ Nice to meet you too!
That Lincoln car is awesome, but the fish one made me laugh.
And ZOMG I know exam pressure! SAT's and AP's in less than a month for me! @.@