Kawaii Diary!!!

Hello everyone, so I was searching around the house today for a new journal and I suddenly bump into this adorable journal hiding in my shelf. It was given to me by my lovely Nikky(BFF) and she got it from Vietnam when she was traveling there. I posted a picture of her a while ago, but here it's again. ^^
~Tell me what you think ^O^

~A little folder type to store it in. Locked by a lock ^^

~yeah, now the thing is it's too pretty and I don't want to even write in it. XD
~How was your day everyone?Tomorrow is ACT testing for junior/senior so sophmore like moi is staying home until 11:45 AM. Boo Yeah!!! Whatever, I have to take it anyway T_T.
~XOXO Charlotte


Therese Jane said...

This made me want to buy a new journal. XD

To your question on my blog - If you're a newbie at dyeing your hair, you should mos def try out a semi-permanent dye out first, to see if you like the color. Probably to give your hair either a red or blue tint? If you end up liking the blue tint, you should try to dye your hair darker to black but if you like the red tint, you should focus more on lighter browns. Semi and demi permanent dyes are so easily accessible now (try any drugstore or even hot topic, which sells vegan dyes which are actually good for your hair and condition it somewhat).

**~Pu-3~** said...

Awww ;D yea i know what you. I kept some cute journals empty, because i feel like its such a waste to use them lol :P Things are different now. I miss writing journals

Dolce♥Bunny said...

That is sooo cute!
I know the feeling of not want to use it! :D

LexiTokyo said...

That's such a cute journal! :)
Good luck on the ACT!
I have to take the SAT in June. =/

Lai Ying said...

i dont really use diaries, but that is SOO CUTE <3

minsu said...

That's a really cute journal, love the bear^-^

Oana Roxana said...

"...is it's too pretty and I don't want to even write in it."
Make happen to you only sweet things,so you don't have any problems with the writing! The honey bear is really cute. :)