Prom Dresses and Harmonica

Hey there, today wasn't a very good day for me since my friends keep yapping on and on about her life which nobody interest in anymore. *GOD SAKE!!* there a point where you stop showing off how much money you got. Do you ever watch Boys over flower?yeah that was my school is like and i'm like that one poor girl except there are no hot F4 come to the rescue. I'm serious, they arrive in nice brand new Lexus, BMW and sometime a limo to school and I take the bus and wait for my parent beat up car XD. Anyway, sorry for complaining just need to get it off my chest. So i was bore and browse around google for my favorite female idol Rainie Yang and well she's adorable as usual ^^

Lolz, The right picture of her kissing jiro is so cute. Jiro and Rainie is my fav tawainese idols XD.

~Lolz, but for me Joonie oppa still the cutest ~^o^~. Kya!!!!

~In my school, the whole prom thing coming up for the upperclassmen *I can't go to prom yet T_T* and i doubt I will even go next year since Mr.perfect is graduating this year *cry*. Oh well it still fun to look at beautiful dresses right girl? XD

~If I were to go to prom this will be my hairstyle. A loose messy bun? with maybe a gorgeous hairpin to go with it ^o^

~Here some dresses that stood out at promgirl.com *lolz no i'm not advertise for that website, just fun to look at* I like long dresses but i'm pretty short so I think I will prefer short dresses if I'm going. If there are long dresses then I like the straps in the back of the blue dress and the front just like the black dress. It's so beautiful T_T

~ I also play my harmonica today *and I must said I SUCK!!!* XD. The bunny ring is so cute, it's from the coconut cake during easter. We have so much rings stuck on it as decorations. So adorable.

~lolz, tomorrow a late start for my school which mean we go to school at 9:21 A.M. The thing is I have to take the bus since hitching a ride is impossible.

~Well good luck everyone.

XOXO Charlotte


LexiTokyo said...

I've only watched the Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers. (Which I think is the original) I loved it :D
The dresses are pretty!

&. nostalgia said...

Rainie Yang is so pretty ^_^.
i love her hair. mwaha

Dylana Suarez said...

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!


Kati C. said...

Short dress with a loose bun. I like that idea!

I just came across your blog too. It's very cute. Keep up the good work x

Lai Ying said...

you're thinking about prom already? you're such a sweetheart <3
i'm sorry he's graduating this year ): but dont worry! someone who looks suspiciously like Jiro will come and sweep you off your feet!
that's what i keep telling myself.

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

thanks for following me girl :) awww I love rainie too, she is so beautiful, love her dress in the pic with Jiro. p.s. i followed you back :)

Pauline Joy said...

I definitely like the loose bun! i hope you post pics up of your actual outfit :D

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

I can't comment in your blog for some reason T_T. And thank you I'll try my best to update