Happy Easter & new products review

Hello everyone, man it's such an exhausted day. A lot of yard work because it's..... SPRING TIME!!! ^o^. We went to Walmart to check out some lovely plants:

We end up with some lovely hyacinth and bunch of topsoil for our rocky yard. They look so pretty and smell wonderful ^o^.
~ I must said this picture amuse me. My dog is "secretly a cat". Look at him climb lolz. Both of them getting a "spring" haircut tomorrow as well as me!!! XD

Before going to the yard work, I pamper my skin with some facial mask. This mask heat up by itself and very anti stress lolz. I love it, it make my skin feels so soft and tight afterward ^o^

~Here is what came in the mail on friday. Eyecharm Eyeglid glue. I have double eyeglid naturally but I just want to make it a bit higher. First time buying it, and the instruction is in Japanese lolz XD.

Yes, it's the infamous noseclip. I heard so many mix review on it but I decide to give it a try. Hope it work!!! XD. I'll do a review on all of these later so don't worry. Thank you for all the sweet comments guy ^o^
XOXO Charlotte. Btw Happy Easter!!!





☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

i have that sauna masque
too o(^-^)o wheeee~~

but too bad i didnt
use it~~ (> <;;)

nah im just asking!

so are you going to use
all of your cosmetics??

Pearly_yuumi said...

can't wait to read your reviews!!

Kelly_konomi said...

yep! the nose clip does work!

after one year of using it, i went back to my relatives gathering and they asked if i had plastic surgery on my nose >.<

but... the only thing with it is that.. it's not really comfortable.. but for the sake of beauty, i think it's worth! ^^

Frances said...

The nose clip really works? O__o wow. I've always been so skeptical about it but I guess it does work!?

Haha sorry I got distracted. Thanks for visiting my blog :) which part of CO are you from???
by the way I was looking at your other blog entries and I think your natural lids are beautiful :) seriously I don't think you need the glue at all. I know it's none of my business but I really don't encourage glues cuz they will lead to premature wrinkles O___o

Lai Ying said...

lol "secretly a cat" that made me happy :D
i have those masques!!! :]]

ohh and pretty flowers, even though im not a massive fan of flowers...

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

sorry for the late reply~~
i was soo tired yesterday!!

oh i see!! o(^O^)o
i only use one cosmetic
which is my facial foam ne~~

(-.-;;) i am soooo lame XDXD