January 2013...update

Hello bloggers,
So January is definitely the shopping month because everything is on sale. I bought a few items myself from VS, Gap, Express and American Eagle. 
Some items that I am in love with:
gap boots, peplum dress and my HK laptop sleeve :D
 American Eagle sparkly shoes :D
Anyway, we all need a very good lip balm for the winter right? I would recommended the EOS lip balm. It smell delicious and work wonder :D
Also, I get to spend some time with Megan over break. It was fun until I got sick lolz
~I am now sick (nursing myself back to health before work start!!! BOOO) T_T
*Cute picture of the day*
Remember the movie UP? so cute right?
Picture does not belongs to me
~Going back to uni for spring semester next week. Going to be super busy :(
~XOXO Charlotte

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