restore...(photos update :D)

Hello bloggers,
My goal to update my blog more frequently is somewhat become successful. So here just a general update. So my mom and I have a funny conversation the other day:
Me: Mom, I want animal crackers :(
Mom: Ok, Ok...go get some when we go grocery shopping
After getting two small bags and finished them in a day...My mom decided to buy me a huge jar!!!

~This will take me a while haha~

----Playing with my hair--- FOTD

See? I'm still alive and well :D
Here some pictures at work. I was bore :D

Going back to work was super tiring. 7 hours a day and school started again next week so in addition to that I will be loaded with hw. ayayayaya!!!!!
~Have any ways to de-stress guys? Let me know
XOXO Charlotte


Kri said...

You are so adorable !!

Kati カティ said...

Lovely pictures! ^^ You are pretty!

Jane said...

Aw I love how your mum bought you a giant jar of those crackers haha. Sounds like something my mother would do.