Mall and Eyebrow?

Hello everyone, yesterday me and my bff (Nikky)went to the mall. We went to a store call Forever XXI (same with forever 21) except bigger I guess. I was amazed at all the clothes in the mall. It looks like a fairy tales XD. Here some of the dresses I've try on.

~Sorry I'm keep having the *rub my belly* pose kind of things ^O^

~Here is Nikky and I, lolz it was one of those photobooth pictures. So blurry and green faces XD
Isn't she just adorable?XD. It's almost Easter so you can see the eggs border around us XD.

~ In my room, lolz. I look so worn out from the whole mall trip XD.

~We also went over to my cousin "lili" house. She did eyeliner for me (which I think is extremely cute). Lolz, I wish I could master the perfect "line" someday. I mean I could draw eyeliner/winged look for everyone except me T_T. Thank you my dear cousin Lili XO ^O^

~Oh yeah one new product I want to review. You probably saw this box everywhere: Walmart, Kingsooper and Target. I bought it for $4 include tax and it suppose to wax your eyebrow and upper lip hair. I didn't like it so much since it didn't wax so well, it could take out only tiny hair on the upper lip that normally nobody would see anyway. If you have any good wax for eyebrow and upper lip please let me know since the plucking and threading is killing me T_T.

~Hehe, guess what?Samantha at:

is having an eyeko giveaway so fast enter it XD. She's a pretty talented and super nice person ^^

~By the way thank you for reading my blog. I'll have to go back to school tomorrow but I'll try to update as much as possible. Thanks ^^

P.S. I'm sorry I don't smile in pictures often. But i'll remember it next time ^^

~Charlotte & Nikky. XOXOXO


Daphne said...

I like the first dress, I think I saw it at forever 21 as well

Lai Ying said...

wow i love those dresses!!
the first one is gorgeous on you :D love the bubble hem thingy thing. <3

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

sorry for the late reply (;_;)

LOL really?? you like my school bag?? o(^O^)o

my old bad is worn out already so i have to buy the new one o(T^T)o

when i went to school today my friends said i look like a mountain climber w/ my bag (;__;)

Ken said...

oh wow how cute!