Tea bag and nana?

Gooooooooooddddddd morning everyone, today is such an easy day for me. I didn't get to drag to go anywhere with friends or family. You know what that mean?That mean I don't have to listen to anyone relationship problems ^^. YAY!!! I mean i don't mind giving advices once in a while but if they keep asking you almost every freaking day you start going *ahhh!!* in your head. Lolz, I'm surprise all my girls asking me about their love life when my last love life was 4 years ago and the boy doesn't even live in this country anymore lolz XD. Freaking smart guy with an internship to Japan.

~lolz, my dogs love the snow.

~Well anyway on the bright note, I finally have time to check out new Asian drama and Mblaq shows. Man but right now i'm idolize Nana from Afterschool. She's freaking pretty. XD

~She so pretty, not only that she have such a "Chic" image for an idol. Instead of being always giggling and girlish. She's actually calm and collected. Something new and fresh to introduce ^^.

~On that side I decide to thread my eyebrow. Hurt like hell!!!but work!!!!Then I follow this video to help my dark eye circle ^^


~Oh yeah on that note. Please don't be rude and leave weird comments. Save everyone time and DON'T POST AT ALL!!!!! Seriously if you are desperate to be critisize/hating on someone then write it down on a piece of paper and EAT IT!!!maybe it help XD.

Well but for the nice people, thank you for reading my blog ^^!!!!

~XOXO Charlotte


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

cute doggies o(^O^)o

actually toasted twister is kfc's old meal~~


♣ai said...

hi charlotte :3 thanks for the comment.
Actually you can try henna hair dye from lush if you really don't want to damage your hair. its only uses natural ingredients but it could be messy to use.
if you use over the take home hair dye kits they actually do not damage your hair that much, imo. as long as you wait 3 months in between each dye job it should be fine~ but if you go to a salon to dye your hair it depends on the colour you choose... or you can ask the hair stylist which dye is the least damaging for your hair. (for asians usually browns and red-tone are least damaging) if you want light hair you must bleach so... it will damage your hair to some degree ><
wow that was long... lol. i hope that answered your question :D