Shiseido and Pantene

~Hello everyone, today we have a snow storm here where I live so everyone basically have a day off *except my poor sister who work in the bank*. I hope she'll be okay getting back T_T. Well it sure is fun since some of my friends didn't have the same spring break with me now have it off. (unfair for me though lolz XD).

~Okay, I have pretty straight hair but everytime I wake up it always massively in every directions (T_T). Since I straightened my hair every morning if i go out or go to school it become very dry and my hair become quite frizzy and split end are everywhere (T_T). I don't have time to go get a trim every 6 weeks as recommended but luckily enough my sister foud this bottle in Walmart which is Pantene leave in conditioner to prevent split end. Not only that it tempt my hair's frizz ^O^. It's quite rich in vitamin E which help my hair become very smooth after a while of using it. So here how you do it!

1. You dampened your hair/or right after a shower or so.

2. Rub a small amount of it on areas that you found split ends or frizz (I apply massive amount on my split end)

3. Let it dry and it good to go.

This also help to hold your style like if i go to sleep with this on it helps my hairs from swaying in every directiona My second product review is Shiseido Hydro-balancing toner. It's quite pricey around ~$40 at Macy.

~You suppose to pat this on after you wash you face and massage it in until absorbed. And I must said as pricey as it's, it's a miracle. My skin feels so soft and refreshed after using it for more than 2 weeks. I usually wash my face, pat this on for a smooth surface and then primer and foundation. And as always my skin didn't show any sign of flakiness even in the cold/harsh winter.

~The texture is like water I guess. A bit sticky when you put it on but once it absorbed you can't feel a thing =D. By the way my face is acne prone/oily combination skin and this is amazing, I don't get pimples at all.

~Definitely recommended you guy.

Okay well it's my work out time. I'm planning to burn 145 calories today lolz.

~Charlotte. XOXOXO


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

oh i see~ thanks for explaining o(^-^)o

i hope i could taste banh bot loc one day~~

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☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

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