Introduction And Makeup Brush

Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte and I'm pretty new to blogger, but so many awesome blogs out there inspire me to make one as well. ^_^. I will try my best to update often ^^
~I'm currently 16 and right now I'm on spring break. Which is awesome consider how much I pray for this week to come XD.
~With my free time i decide to do a massive clean for my makeup brushes. With tips from MichellePhan on Youtube?She's very awesome

MakeUp Brush Cleansing Tips:

Step 1. Take out your baby shampoo because this have the most gentle formula which doesn't cause your brush to frizz or flake off. If you want some it to be extra smooth try your hair conditioner since this will not create a reaction with your skin (since your scalp is use to it)

Step 2: Pour some shampoo in your palm and wet your brushes then slowly move the brush to the palm and move in in a circuling motion. All the residues will show you how much foundation/powder etc still stuck in there. If you don't at least clean your brush in a week. It will trap horrible bacteria that cause huge pimples (trust me been there done that T_T)

Step 3: Dry your brushes in a well lit area with sunshine where each brush is spread out and not right next to each other(sorry guy I fail to do that in this picture). So it doesn't trap more moisture. If you would like to buy a brush cover like Michelle offered then go ahead. I just too lazy to do it^^". Good luck~

~Lolz, After that I got breakfast (at 9 on the morning) XD. I got some orange juice, water, and banh bot loc * a vietnamese cake* Yeah my family make it ourself.

~I also just bought a new bottle of Bio Oil *yay* I will definitely do a review of it soon. I have some terrible black acne spot and hope this will make it go away. Well see ya everyone. ^^

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☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

hello there! i love that banh bot loc!! it looks nyamii~~ o(>w<)o

wat indgredient your family used to make it?? (^O^)