Circle lenses Review and ClOtHeS?

Hello everyone ^^, today I'll be doing a review on Geo CK 105 circle lenses. Here what it look like:

~Yes, it's the blackest black ever. Here the comparison on my eyes.

~ A significant change right?To be honest I love circle lenses but only IN PICTURE. Outside everyone comment me as having an "alien look", maybe because this pair is too dark for my own eye color which is a light brown. I don't wear circle lenses much unless in party or event that I know I will end up taking a bunch of pictures T_T. Circle lenses tend to dry out my eye too often and I alway have blood shot eye afterward so I'm scare to wear it for a long period of time. Actually I don't wear it that often. Maybe one a month?(P.S. I don't wear circle lenses in any of the pictures so far)

~On the other hand I wear Acuvue toric acuvue oasis lenses. I love it because it's more moisturinzing to my eyes. But I still have strict eye routine due to my eye being so dry comparing to normal eyes.

~Flax oil and ointment are prescribed by my eye doctor to decrease my dryness. It work!!!!

~Here is the case and my eyedrops: Rohtoh, Acuvue. Also, a cute bunny case that come along with my circle lenses ^^

~Lolz extra case. 7? XD

~Find some very old shirt and skirt. Decide to mismatch the outfit XD. Man i'm so broke to go shopping nowaday~
~Hope you guy found the review and tips to be useful. Thank you!!! ^O^
~XOXO Charlotte


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

thanks for the compliment~~

but my eyes are not THAT big though (-.-;;)

anyway i love your last picture XDXD

you look so cute XDXD

Lai Ying said...

hii~ visiting from soompi!
you're so cute <3 i love that 2nd pic!

your contact lens case is SO CUTE <33

♣ai said...

i use to love black circle lenses :3 i had them when i had black hair.
here is the link to the lush henna hair dyes, i think as long as your city has a lush store then they would carry them. if you dont have lush in your area you can try any organic beauty stores :D


thanks for following~

Linda Phuong Tran said...

So cute! You look adorable ^__^ XO