~If it's a little bit longer~

~Hello my dear blogger,
~Just finish going home from a play in school. It was very well play. One of my best friend Megan have a bf. It was shocking to the group of friend as we all think she will be the last in getting a bf *not to be mean just quite frankly* but anyway I was very happy for her even though her bf wasn't the "type", he was a very nice guy to talk with (lolz, especially if you are a gamer).
~Even so, I feel that distance that you felt when someone close to you got a bf. Let just said that for the first time in a long time I start having those feelings again.It's like de ja vu again.

~Aside from that, my mom told me the reason why I'm still single is because I push away all the boys that loved me. But mom, I must said I do not feel like I was in love during those time but rather a player in the game of love. It was fun and then it got boring. At the time, I quit the game just in time to watch others play it again for me~

~Sorry for the long rant. Just have to get it off my chest once again. I know it's kind of late update but for last Halloween, Megan and I made some bread "el pan" for extra credit in Spanish. It's a pain to make bread from scratch and not only that make 3 loaves. URGG!

~As you can see, we have some trouble in the process. It was all sticky and stuff! but then we fix it, bake 3 loaves in the oven for 5 hours and then ta da! delicious bread ^^ (I didn't have time to take a picture of the finished product but I swear it's really delicious!

~Beautiful yellow leaves?^^

*drum roll*. Finally found the type of coat that fit for this kind of weather. A bit chilly and yet not snowing yet. It's quite thick and heavy actually! I love it ^^

~Ulzzang loose off shoulder shirt with skinny jean is kind of my outfit nowadays. I look so lazy with it on lolz!

~My mom's teacher went to shanghai and she brought some stuffs as souvenirs for my mom. It's a fan and a cute porcelain case

~Sis took the fan before we even get to choose oy XD. So I got the porcelein case. I don't mind though since it's so pretty and perfect for putting in jewelry

~And of course new TOYS!!!! My sis fiance got a hamster toy to play with. It's really cute and if you put it down it start running around on its own. My dogs love it even though it's not their toy. lolz they all like "LOOK IT'S A NEW DOGGIE"

~Aside from such a bad and exhausted week. I got a job just this morning at HONEY BAKE HAM!!! AHHH. It's only seasonal though but I was hoping she hires me as permanent. I'm going broke nowaday.
~Thank you for reading my blog guys and have a great next week ^^
~XOXO Charlotte


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Woah! I wish I know how to make breads! (*O*) Nice pictures you've taken there~~ (^_~)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Hope your friend does not completely forget about the others cuz alot of time once your friend gets a partner, they forget everyone :S

and wow... bread.. and 3 loafs?! that is crazy but it must have tasted really delicious!!

and hope you get your job permanently too~!! XD

Koko said...

Nice to hear from you ^^
I know, what you mean.
My best friend got a boyfriend, too.
The last 4 years she was never alone.
And when I tried to meet her, her boyfriend was evertime at her home.
It was boring!
At the beginning of this year she got a new boyfriend after leaving the other guy.
And it didn't stopped anyway!
Sometimes I feel loneley, because nobody had time for me or isn't home till next year or want to do something with others and not only me.
It is boring!
So, I know how you are feel!
And I didn't have a boyfriend, too!
My mum always said, that the right guy is searching at me, but didn't found me yet.
That's it....

But the coat is cute!
You should take a picture when you wear it! ;)
And the toy sounds funny xDDDD
Some years ago I had 2 hamster as pets!
I really liked it to have a hamster as pet, but now I couldn't care about the pet!

See you!

Koko =)

Libby said...

I know what you mean about love on both things. I had a friend who was literally my best friend. We told each other everything, and we could be ourselves around each other. Then one day she got a bf. Then she felt like she could only hang out with him, or in a group of people who also had bf's. Nowadays, we barely talk...but I hope it works out for you!

Also, I know what you mean about just not feeling love. I am terrible in relationships because I just become uninterested...does that make me a bad person? :/

Haha that bread looks awesome! And I like your outfits :)

Angie said...

aww don't feel bad charlotte. you really have to approach love like it won't sit there and wait for you and you really have to go after it! :) don't worry about boys not being perfect. no one's perfect. through the process of being with someone to start with, you really discover what you truly want. speaking from experience. be happy for your friend and keep your eye open for someone special :D

<3 angie

The Little Dust Princess said...

Aww I hope all is well with you and your friends. AND your love life! : )

I love those little things you got! And you're very cute! :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

Pu3 said...

You got a job? Thats great news! :D

Koko said...

Thanks for your comment!
If you really didn't find this nail polish I could send you one.
It is not so expensive.
And if you really want I would send it to you!
All you have to do is to give me your adress :)
If you are interested in, send me a meil at


Koko =)