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~Hello, everyone. How is the festive holidays for you? I'm so sorry for not blogging for a long time. But work and homework really killing me free time nowaday T_T. How was your Christmas? Even if you are not Christian (like me). The festive holidays tend to grab you with its flow right?

The infamous tree this year. A big taller and skinnier than usual lolz. I took this after Christmas hence no more presents under the tree lolz

~The sign is rather lovely hm?^^

~Some gifts from friends. They really know how to spoil me lolz. I have candies filling my drawer but let me tell you something. IT"S really hard to not pig out ^^

~So mother got me a red sweater (which I currently wearing). Some littlet things and of course the infamous $100 Macy bed sheets. Thanks mom! All those complainning about my old hello kitty bed sheets really work lolz.

~Ta da! New bed!
~And best of all! Guess what sis get me?Nikon Coolpix 5700 5MP Digital Camera w/ 8x Optical Zoom

~Well, I need to buy the memory card adaptor for my labtop and then ta da! I will be taken all my pictures for this blog with this camera. *kiss it*. Did you know once you get the camera out of the box and leave it on your desk. It seems like attracted dust like crazy?Need to go clean my new baby lolz
~I got a bunch of other clothings items. But I'm too lazy to screen it all out here. Will do next time eh?
~Pick up E.l.f mini eyelash curler on the way

~The package include the curler and a pad replacement. That's nice ^^

~Here my comparison with the new curler and my old E.L.F studio line curler.

~The studio line have that spring once you squeeze your eyelash with it while the mini doesn't. However, the mini sure get all the bottom lash ^^

~Overall, if you want to get to all those lashes. The mini is a very good and very reasonable price. I like E.l.F more than Shu umeru ^^

~We went with my dear bff Nikky and my sister to the movie The tourist on Christmas. A very good action movie. Or love

Me: "The fireplace behind is real!"

Nikky:" I know! shut up and look at the camera"

Me: "It looks like we in Australia"

Nikky: " Uh huh!"

Sister: " Take the perfect pic for me. Or else!"

Sis and Nikky " It's so warm. I don't want to get up"
Me:" Hurry up guys! It's freezing"
~So far we saw The tourist, My sister keeper and of course Alice in Wonderland. We catching up on our movies outdated lolz.
So since it's almost the new year.
I decide to blog about what I learn about 2010
1. Always stand up for yourself. Respect yourself and people will respect you
2. Always try hard in school. Social life come later!
3. Don't start believe that all rumors are true. Even if they come from a good friend
4. Maintain your fear. Even though it's the worst thing you face! It will pass (I hope lolz)
5. You are yourself best friend. Believe your words and don't let others hurt you!
~Yup that what I learn for 2010. As for my goals for the new year? I'm not really sure. That's for the next blog post lolz ^^
5 things I need to buy once getting the paycheck:
1. New swimming suit for swimming class
2. Biore nose strip + new burt bee cleanser
3. New skinny jean
4. Lab top fan
5. A reasonable price cellphone or a cellphone case
5 things I do to relieve stress:
1. Excercise
2. Facial time
3. Manicure
4. Read a book
5. Go for a walk
~lolz, sorry if it seems like a list. I really need to set goals for myself or I really will forget about it. What about you guys?What your goals for the new year?
~Talk to me. I miss you guys^^
~XOXO Charlotte


HitomiNeko said...

oo i love the sheets~ooo i agree with the relieve stress thing. I used to hate working out but now I know that the gym does help me relieve stress! ^^

@ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

@ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린 said...

aaah~merry X'mass ^^

and I really want those NIKON DSLR badly T____T I want Nikon 90d~~~~

sugar-trick said...

You got so many wonderful presents! Lucky~ ^^

Nice blog! ♥

Pu3 said...

That's a nice christmas tree decoration.
Btw, happy new year ^^