~Are you going through a tough time?~

Quote of the week:
"If you are going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

~Hello everyone, sorry for not updating for such a long long~long time. T_T, life is so busy with school and such. I've been worried about exams and now the fact that swimming is taken the course of my life too T_T. I really need some de stress methods lolz. If you guys know any, let me know through the comment k?All help are really appreciated ^^

~A little smile

~The "yo what's up" Face

~The angry face lolz

~It's so cold! and swimming really suck lolz

~I've been wearing smudged eyeliner look on days I don't have swimming. It's the fastest one I could do for eyeliner

~The shiseido perfect mascara make my eyelashes really long and the plus side? It never smudge ^^

~WALLE and COOKIE pictures spam

Hehe, super cute eh?^^

~Winter essential need: skinny jean to wear with boots. What your essential needs right now?

~Visiting my mom's friend house. His house is absolutely girly and so so pretty

~See what I mean? It's super duper clean too ^^

~Well, I hope I survive till the summer. Life really suck nowaday but if I don't suck it up then I guess I really fail in life lolz.
~Are you going through a hard time too? If so let me know
~Nikky coming back from her Vietnam vacation today so she will probably have some exciting etude house products for me ^^
~Definitely will do a review on those in my next post
~Love ya! Hope you guys do better than me lolz
~XOXO Charlotte


Dolce♥Bunny said...

Long time no seeee!! And don't worry so much! You're gonna get older faster!! hehe but at least you're swimming! That's good!
Well, not really going through a hard time but I know I'll start going through a hard time next month once uni starts ><
Good luck girl!

Diana said...

I hope everything works out. Just hang in there! My winter essentials would be thick leggings for boots :) and gloves because my hands get cold way to easily. Do you swim for school? I wish I had gym membership so I can go swimming but int he winter, I'm too lazy to get out of the house and work out lol.