Traveling journal part 1 ☼

Hello bloggers,
How summer going for you? :). I went to Florida with my family as a birthday present. This is my travel diary post :D

-Me and sis in the airport :D

 -Downtown Naples, Fl

 - Me and bro-bro

While we were walking along downtown Naples, a random park pop up out of nowhere. The park filled with beautiful flowers and there was a gigantic lake behind the park. It was so dark I couldn't take the picture of the lake but it is indeed beautiful. 

It was hot, hot and hot but I love the scenery and the smell of wild flowers and the ocean. I know I was in the right place at the right time
-XOXO Charlotte


sleepandwater said...

The park sounds very tranquil and nice to be in, especially with the lake and flowers. Lovely skirt too, love the colour :)

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweetie really lovelies pics! Looks like a nce and cute place!


Kati カティ said...

Oh how lovely birthday present you got! <3 Great pictures and enjoy your travel <3