Braces off and the best sunscreen review =D

Hello lovely blogger,
~As I said in my last post. I got my braces off (yay no more braces!). I still have to wear retainer for a year though. However, I'm not complaning at all hehe :)

Sorry for the weird coloring. I was playing with the holga effect on my camera. 

~Okay, that's it for now. No more teeth for you lolz!

~It's hot hot hot here in Colorado. I got some shiseido sunscreen that I'm in love with. This sunscreen is great for oily/acne skin. No greasy residue whatsoever

Shiseido Urban Environment Oil Free UV protector SPF 42

Oiliness control:★★★★★
Duration throughout the day:★,★,★,★,★,
Texture: Very light (feel like you put nothing on) and it even out your skin tone =D
Package:★,★,★, -- Wish it was bigger lolz
Price:★, ★,★,($30)
~Overall, I am very pleased with this product!
~Next week is prom prom prom! Stay tuned for pictures =D
~XOXO Charlotte


Anonymous said...

congrats on removing the braces!! I remember when I removed mine and I loved it so much ahaha - you look great!

Izzy said...

yay!! congrats on getting those pesky braces off :) it must be such a relief. your teeth are looking good :)