Prom dress and life

~Hello everyone,
It's spring spring SPRING! and almost to the edge of summer. Everything is in bloom!

~The last few weeks were very eventful. Walle and Cookie (my two puppies) pick up some fleas and guess who got flea bites except them? (yup, it's me alright =_=).  It's not very fun when you get flea bites all over your body because your dog got them. The bites are less swollen now. But still T_T. 

~Got myself some new Vans

~I gained some weight back now =_=. I'm just getting way too lazy and hungry when it almost time for FINALS and A.P. TESTS. I have some weird craving too! (no I'm not pregnant lolz)

1. Sushi!

2. Golfish crackers

3. Homemade cookie (no wonder I gained pounds)
~ayayay! It's okay I watch my weight again next week! (aja Aja fighting!)



~So what do you guys think? Yay or neh?
~ALSO I NEED HELP! What kind of makeup and jewelry would go well with this?
~My favorite bb cream arrived in the mail the other day!
 ~DUN DUN! What could it be?????

 Of course the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in no.23 =D
~So far there are five people going in my prom groups. We don't have dates lolz. However, we are making our corsages next week or so! Kind of excited for that. It's senior prom so I do hope that it will be super fun and memorable =D. (or so I keep telling myself).
~Hope these bites go away then
~High School is almost over. Thank you, Buddha!. Oh god I'm so sick of high school haha.
~Nikky and I are still fighting. Oh well, I guess people changed and you have to move on. Is it bad if I'm more excited for graduation than prom? :). lolz
~XOXO Charlotte

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Anonymous said...

woah you are so slim!! seriously, it's okay if you're healthily - like those yummy sushi :) Pretty flowers n cute last pic!