Catch me...summer!

 Hello bloggers!
Are you guys enjoying summer as much as I do? I took a summer break from my first year at uni. My god! I never realized how relaxing life use to be until now. Haha!
-So I've been addicted to Pinterest lately. I pinned a bunch of craft ideas but never actually got the time to start on any of the project due to school and work :'(. But now I can!!!
- First off, I ordered some fabric samples from Anthropologies to upholster my chair.Once I finished using the samples, I decided to make something out of these cute little fabric.

-I made these little pouches to carry random stuffs such as my iphone headphones, candies blah blah blah. I think they would be great to put jewelry as a gift for a friend (just tie a ribbon to secure the pouches)
Also, back in April, I ordered a beauty box from Target ($5). Usually, you got the little pouches for free but this time they actually charged you. I thought just give it a chance and I'm actually in love with their beauty box.

 -What in the box
  -Venus razor (yay! need some for the summer)

 -Sally Hansen Nail polish strips
-Fekkai hydrating cream

 - Laroche-Posay acne treatment and Loreal Paris bb cream in light. (I'm in LOVE with this bbcream)
 -I understand why they charge $5 for this box...it has excellent products. Target are thinking of doing sample boxes like birchbox and ipsy. If they do, I definitely subscribe <3 p="">--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-So I have a new camera and was playing around in my yard along with my doggies. Here is some shots.

- Ahhh! summer!
- I hope you guys have a great summer :D


Mei said...

Omg your dog is sooo cute!! And I hope target would do a beauty subscription box cos I would totally get one!


박진아 said...

Whoah. didn't know target had such a thing... shihtzus!! I have one too :) Cute pouches! I love handmade things, but unfortunately my talents lie far from crafty things...

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind-I nominated you for a Liebster Award, I hope you go visit my site and answer my 11 questions for you http://www.whizzersrose.com/2013/07/liebster-award.html thanks!

Ally said...

I didn't know target had beauty boxes! and omg your dog is sooo cute!